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Keen on Deen has planned for you some exciting new activities for your children. These regular sport activities encourage one to be physically active, develop their hand eye co ordination and and even how to deal with placed in dangerous situations.

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championshipsMichael Jordan

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  • Free Women's & Girl's Badminton Class

    This weekly Sunday badminton class, our female instructor will teach how to play badminton. This will take place in a private sports hall and will teach them basic skills needed to play this sport.

  • Women's & Girls Self Defence Classes

    Being able to defend yourself when being attacked is an essential skill for every woman. During these sessions our female instructor will teach self defence in our private hall. This is a great opportunity to prepare oneself to deal with a potential attacker, know what to avoid and what to expect.

Free Women’s & Girl’s Badminton Class

FREE Badminton Club

Days: Sunday
Times: 10:00 to 11:30am
Price: FREE
(£10 Booking fee, will be refunded upon completion of the course)
Dates: 17th Jan - 20th Mar

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Join the sisters with this amazing activity.


Join us for our FREE regular badminton club. This will encourage sisters to be physically active. We will be running Free weekly badminton sessions for women & girls only which will take place every Sunday, 10:00am-11:30am.

In each session, each participant will be taught basic racquet skills, footwork, different types of shots played, tactics of the game and rules. The badminton program will be based on what professional players are instructed. They will be taught from a beginners level and gradually progress onto a level where they have confidence in competing against others.

The sessions will be made fun and exciting, and at the same time the participants will benefit by learning a new sport on a high level. All sessions will be run in a female only environment with a female coach.

Badminton Competition
In the Easter holidays, after the 10 sessions, there will be a badminton tournament where medals and prizes will be awarded for first, second and third place. This will be a knockout competition and is open to all to take part. Keen On Deen hopes that this will be the first steps to many more badminton competitions.

Nusaibah bint Ka’b Self Defence School

Women's & Girls Self Defence

Days: Tuesdays
Times: 7:00 to 8:00pm
Price: £30 Per Term
£5 per session (drop in)
Dates: 12th Jan - 22nd Mar

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Join our league of woman, capable of defending themselves.


Available to Keen on Deen is this amazing self defence class. This school, based on a female companion, Nusaibah Bint Ka’b, aims at giving our women the chance to learn how to defend themselves from potential attackers, how to build self confidence and how to avoid confrontational situations.

These are weekly sessions for women and girls, and will take place every Tuesdays, 7 – 8pm.

Knowing when your surroundings puts you in a dangerous situation and how to defend yourself in that situation is an essential skill. For most people, its that one time when you need it that makes learning it worth while. Don’t be someone who learns self defence only once attacked, but prepare yourself so that you never become a victim in the first place.

These sessions are to be treated as serious. As serious as the danger itself, and will cover the very basics of self defence. We should take as example Sayyidatunaa Nusaibah bint Ka’b who never took her gender as a handicap, but prepared herself for difficult situations and met them with bravery and courage. All sessions will be run in a female only private environment with a female coach.

Who was Nusaibah Bint Ka’b?

Nusaibah Bint Ka’b was a companion of the Prophet (صلى الله عليه و سلم) who accepted Islam from the very beginning. She took part in many major events with the Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم and was known for her courage and strength.
“I did not look right nor left except that I saw her defending me”Prophet Muhammad - Day of Uhud
  • Week 1 & 2

    * Breathing Techniques.
    * Recap of 12 strikes.
    * Review defences of 12 strike attacks
    * Sparring and practice of 12 strikes.
    * 12 disarms with sticks

  • Week 3

    Knife defences – sticks.
    Knife defences – empty hand

  • Week 4 & 5

    Footwork, bob weave defences,kicking combos,
    Punching combinations.

  • Week 6 & 7

    Joint locking techniques.

  • Week 8 & 9

    Ground work, grabbing, gripping – reviews.

  • Week 10

    Sparring and review.

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Women's & Girl's Badminton Class


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Women's & Girl's Self Defence


Per 10 Sessions

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