Summer Activities

Join us this summer for three of our most ambitious activities ever. We’ve placed a lot of emphasis into the development of teamwork, teaching useful social skills and growing their Islamic identity.

Navigate your terrain

Urban Orienteering

Orienteering is a competitive sport where participants harness their skill of knowing their surroundings, using maps and known landmarks in order to navigate to their given checkpoints and end goals in the shortest time.
We, at KeenOnDeen, have modernised this sport from the usual rural setting to take place in the city centre, learning how to navigate trains, buses, bikes and how to navigate on foot.


  • Receive Instructions & Map
  • Navigate Map
  • Seek Out Landmarks
  • Complete Tasks
  • Get To Finish Line First

KoD Sleepover

This activity is a fun opportunity for Keeners to get together, share funny stories with each other, cooperate in fun games and challenges, and come together on the Thikr of Allaah.
KoD sleepover is a fun sleep over at the Arabic Courses centre for girls only which will be a fun and enriching evening.


  • Fun Ice Breakers
  • Group Games & Activities
  • Food & Fun
  • Islamic Reminders
  • Night Prayer


Coastline Hiking

This summer holiday we have a great outdoor activity taking the Keeners to the coastline of Britain, hiking the great outdoors, Seeing the coastline and Seaford, and experience what its like to go on a trek.
Join us this summer for our hiking event. Parents welcome to join and children welcome to have fun.


  • Travel to Seaford, South UK
  • Explore The Great Outdoors
  • See Jaw Dropping Landscape
  • Opportunity For Parent Child Bonding
  • Meet Other Muslims Your Age

Sudan Charity Bazaar

KoD is working with ‘Charity Right’ to raise money for Sudan via a charity Bazaar.
This bazaar will hold many activities for both women and children. All are welcome to attend and donate for this righteous cause.


  • Food & Drinks
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Sports Activities
  • Stall Hire
Food for charity
Practical Cultivation!! Enjoyment Guaranteed!!!

Urban Orienteering

This summer 2015 we have organised an exciting outdoor activity, taking the idea from a famous outdoor activity called ‘orienteering’. Orienteering is a sport where groups or individuals given a map and a compass and are instructed to navigate to various checkpoints in the shortest amount of time. This is normally done in the outdoors, in the wilderness, with trees, mountain faces, and open fields. This teaches map reading, gaining bearings using the compass, time management and teamwork.


Navigate Around London

When: 11th August, 9:30am-6:30pm

Where: AC Centre, The Hub

Fee: Only £15 per child
11+ without parents, 7+ with parents

Parents Free

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  • Innovative Approach

    We took a look at this activity and adapted it to our day to day situation. As city dwellers, navigating the public transport, roads and our concrete jungle is an important skill. This activity aims at developing this skill, along with the skill of teamwork and leadership.

  • Problem Solving

    Traditional orienteering puts participants in situations where they have to use their compass and local landmarks to navigate, but this is almost always done on foot. Urban orienteering offers the additional challenge of navigating public transport, choosing the best route and means of transport, understanding traffic, and putting all of this together to complete the given task

  • Seeing Many History Sites

    Urban orienteering offers each participants to learn more about the city they live in. It gives them the opportunity to visit the many important historical locations and sites across London.

Key Activities

On the day participants will be given on the day a map of London, a list of riddles and tasks to complete before meeting up at Regents Park Masjid

Key Structure

Participants will be placed in teams whereby they will have to elect a team leader whom they have to rely on to complete the given tasks as quickly as possible.

Urban Orienteering

An opportunity of a lifetime and an experience your children won't forget.

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KoD Girls Sleepover

KoD sleepover is an activity that will take place at the Arabic Courses centre. The girls will have an array of activities throughout the evening ranging from Islamic Naseehah to praying at night, including eating out. This will be a fun night out with activities that will grow sisterhood, confidence and an appreciation for the deen.


Fun Sleepover With The Sisters

Bring your friends and join us in this exciting event.

Only £20 each for the first 2 children
£10 for subsequent siblings.
Bring a friend for £15, (£5 discount)

Food Included

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Spaces are limited and only available to girls 9+ years old
Food & Snacks Included

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Activities For The Night

Thursday 13th August 2015

  • 7:00pm-7:30pm Ice breakers
  • 7:30pm-8:30pm Activities & Games
  • 8:30pm-9:00pm Pray Maghrib & Athkaar
  • 9:00pm-10:30pm Food
  • 10:30pm-11:30pm Juice Off & Challenges
  • 11:30pm-12:45am Islamic Thikr & Night prayer
  • 1:00am Sleep until 4:00am Fajr

KoD Summer Holiday Sleepover

Sign up to this all girls event at Arabic Courses Centre, Leyton

Islamic Discussions

Opportunity for our youth to discuss different topics related to their lives, receive guidance and develop their Islamic Identity

Remembering Allaah

During this sleepover there will be an opportunity to remember Allaah including a night prayer in congregation


Coastline Hiking

Join us this summer holiday for our outdoor hike to the south coast of Britain. This hike will push you to new limits, while witnessing a spectacular scenery and sites. This one day event and teach the value of participation, teamwork and patience.

KoD Seaford Hike

When: 20th August, 9:30am
Where: AC Centre, The Hub 8:30am
Fee: £30, 11+ without parents, 7+ with parents
Travel costs Included but must bring packed lunch, rack sack and change of clothes

Book Now, Spaces Limited

This is a unique opportunity for all.
Parents are welcome to attend, however they would have to cover they own travel costs.

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Seaford Coastline, UK

The hike will be from Seaford train station up to Seaford Head Nature Reserve and back. This walk is not difficult, although the terrain, in parts, can be slightly challenging.

This will be hike

Charity Bazaar

This summer holiday Keen On Deen are holding a charity event to raise money for Eastern Sudan. This will be an open event for mothers and children. There will be indoor and outdoor activities, fundraising, stalls and more. This will take place at the Pavilion, Leyton. This is a perfect opportunity for a day out for the kids, to showcase your product or business or to sell things in your own stall.

  • Indoor Activities

    Henna, Craft, Food, Drinks, Charity Presenation, Clothes, and much more.

  • Outdoor Activities

    Bouncy Castle, Balloons, Face Painting, Sport activities, Penalty Shootout, Outdoor park, and more

  • Fundraise

    Join us in fundraising, collect money from your friends and family and bring it on the day.

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Sudan Charity Event

Where: The Pavilion, Leyton
When: 27th August, 2015
Time: 11:00am-5:00pm
For Who: Women & Children only.
No boys over the age 11
Why: To raise money for Sudan
Fee: None,
But please donate generously

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Keen On Deen will not take anything out of the donation. All will go to the charity appeal.

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O you who have believed, spend from that which We have provided for you before there comes a Day in which there is no exchange and no friendship and no intercession. And the disbelievers – they are the wrongdoers.Baqarah 254

More To Come

Remember last years ‘Mad Hatters Tea Party’? Well this year we’ll do it again!!!. Please stay tuned and spread the word. If you wish to take part then please sign up to our mailing list and we’ll email further details soon.

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Fees & Booking

You can make immediate bookings using the designated buttons below.
Want to pay by hand and visit our centre? You can also give us a call to make your bookings over the phone and make a cash payment at our centre at The Hub, Leyton. Click HERE for more details on our location.

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Urban Orienteering

Where: AC Centre, The Hub

When: 11th Aug, 9:30am

Fee: £15 per child
Parents welcome

Age: 11+ without parents, 7+ with parents

  • Bring Packed Lunch
  • Bring Spending Money
  • Bring A Compass (maybe)
  • Don’t Miss Your Stop!!
  • Top Up Oyster

Booking Deadline: 10th August

Activity Now Completed!!

KoD Sleepover

Where: AC Centre, The Hub

When: 13th Aug, 7:00pm

Fee: £20 per child for first two
£10 for subsequent Siblings
Bring a friend, £15
Age: 9+

  • Bring A Friend
  • Bring Your PJ’s
  • Don’t Bring A Bad Attitude
  • Don’t Forget Your Tooth Brush
  • Bring Pillows & Duvets

Booking Deadline: 12th August

Activity Now Complete!!!

Coastline Hike

Where: AC Centre, The Hub

When: 20th Aug, 8:30am

Fee: £30 per child
Parents welcome

Age: 11+ without parents, 7+ with parents

  • Bring Your Hiking Shoes!
  • Bring Some Packed Lunch
  • Bring Your Camera
  • Get A Good Nights Sleep
  • Bring Umbrella

Booking Deadline: 18th August

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