Teen Preparation For Ramadhaan


This session is for our youth who have to fast this Ramadhaan. Maybe it's their first time, maybe they found it difficult last time, or maybe they have challenges at school maintaining the fast. This workshop is an important reminder and guide for our teens on how to fast, the legal requirements and the internal changes and benefits of this act of worship.

Sunday, 5th June
3:00pm – 5:00pm

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Fasting this year in the UK will present us with many challenges.
• When does fasting begin?
• What time should I start fasting and when should I end it?
• The days are long, are there any concessions?
• When is Eid?

Allaah does not burden a soul more than it can handleAllaah تعالى - al-Qur'aan

However, as a young teenager there are additional challenges to face such as:
• How do I fast while at school?
• Should I take part in sporting activities?
• Can I do half fasts?
• What do I do if my school or college make it difficult for me?

How Can This Course Help?

This course will make clear the obligations of the fast and more importantly, the intended purpose of this act of worship. We aim to guide participants towards what is good and beneficial, appreciate this virtuous act of worship and help them fulfil this month of fasting upon knowledge and understanding of what to do. We will go through scenarios, offer solutions to problems and there will be an open environment where they have a chance to ask questions on issues that may concern them

Workshop Details

  • Date

    Sunday, 5th June

  • Time

    From 3:00pm to 5:00pm

  • Cost

    Only £5 per participant

  • Target Audience

    Teens, 9 and above

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