Smart Thinking Workshop


The mind is like car. Some people have fast cars, while others have more modest cars. However, both cars will not reach their full potential unless the driver behind the wheel has the ability to drive the car to its full ability. This workshop will be teaching how to maximise your Childs ability to think and also generate original ideas.

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This extremely important topic will cover all that a child needs to know about growing up, considering both medical and Islamic perspectives. There will be separate days for each boys and girls. as the topics may be sensitive and even embarrassing.

“Think smart work less” - R Howell

Join Our Smart Thinking Workshop This Summer

Class Timetable

  • Dates

    6th August

  • Times

    10:00am – 12:30pm

  • Requirements

    A Creative Mind, A Will To Build

  • Age

    For Ages 9-16

Our 'Smart Thinking' workshop works through two main topics.

1) How to generate new ideas using lateral thinking.

2) How to structure ones thought process using the
7 hat method

The session will involved practical tasks, problem solving, and a key use of your child's creativity.

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