Slide Rule


This activity takes a look at early mathematical tools and how to make ones own. We will briefly talk about how mathematics was done in the past and the various tools that were used to work them out. This activity is very important in understanding the relationship between mathematics, patterns and rules.

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This summer activity is geared towards building an appreciation for mathematics. We intend on showing your child the beautiful patters that exist everywhere. We will talk about Napiers Bones, the abacus the slide rule and we will be making our own.

“Write It, Cut It, Calculate!”Think Big - M Tucker

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Class Timetable

  • Dates

    12th August

  • Times

    10:00pm – 12:30pm

  • Requirements

    A Creative Mind, A Will To Build

  • Age

    For the age 7-16

During this workshop, each participant will learn the ancient craft of 'measurement'. We will cover:

1) The different things that can be covered.

2) The why mankind measures things in the first place.

3) The importance of measurements.

4) Make our very own measuring tool.

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