Join our Space Presentation. This will give your child the opportunity to witness the night sky like they've never experienced before. Using our Gyroscopic Night sky display, they will see the night sky in completely new and different ways. They will also be able to make and use their Planispheres using their gyroscopic display.

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Star Gazing

This workshop is aimed at inspiring our younger generation to look towards the stars. Both in amazement at the wonderful creation of Allah, and also as we edge closer to genuine space travel.

Our Sessions Activities

  • A look at the stars
  • Up close with the planets
  • A look at the sky in a different light
  • Making a planisphere

A Look At The Stars

This segment of the presentation will focus on the night sky and what is in it. We will look at the various important stars and plants, and learn how to spot them.

Up Close With The Planets

This segment of the presentation will focus on the planets and moons that are in our solar system. We will highlight how Allah has mad our planet so special.

Seeing things In A Different Light

This segment of the presentation will focus on the night sky and what it would look like if we could see wavelengths of light different to visible light. We think of the night sky as being dark, but it is alive with some much light that we just cannot see.


A fun activity where your child will learn about the observation of stars and will be making their own planisphere . A planisphere helps you observe visible stars for any date and time of the year. If your child is interested in astronomy then this is the perfect activity for them! This will broaden their understanding of learning how to recognise stars and constellations.

“Astronomy taught me how insignificance we are”M Tucker

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Class Timetable

  • Dates

    22nd August

  • Times

    10:00am – 12:30pm

  • Requirements

    Creative Hands & A Hyperactive Imagination

  • Age

    For ages 7-16

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