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Join our workshop where we give your child tools to help them develop their mind, critical thinking and understanding of logical thinking. We cover some important rules, methods and tricks to help your child think more logically.

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As part of our summer activity, we will have this fun Islamic IQ activity. This will be a fun way to interact with other children their age, share their ideas and thought and learn how to improve their cognitive abilities.
During this event they will learn about the mind, how the brain works, take part in various group and individual activities, and will be concluded with a group analysis of the results.

“We all have different levels of ability, lets discover ours”Think Big - M Tucker

Join Our Mental IQ Activity

Class Timetable

  • Dates

    7th August

  • Times

    10:00am – 12:30pm

  • Requirements

    Standard Stationary, such as pen and pencils

  • Age

    From ages 9-16

Our 'Logic & Cognitive Ability' workshop will focus on the logical deduction. We use logic every day, and it forms the core foundation of mathematics. During the workshop participants will learn.

1) Venn & Euler Diagrams.

2) De Morgans's Laws and .

3) If A then B.

4+) And much more.

They will also take part in games such as "Werewolves & Villagers", "Hat Colours" and much more to help solidify the lessons.

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