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Sign up to our puberty course for boys. This course is aimed pre pubescent and post pubescent boys. It will cover changes their minds will go though, their emotions, physical and religious changes. This course contains over 4 hours of videos, pictures, diagrams, aayaat of the Qur’aan and Hadeeths from the messenger of Allaah.

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The Age Our Test Begins

Puberty is an important stage in everyone’s life. It’s when our minds begin to mature, when our bodies begin to go through physical changes and when our actions begin to be recorded. We are in a society where dealing with those changes can become a challenge for both parents and our maturing kids.

After delivering a workshop on this topic to over a 100 children on multiple occasions and to many groups we decided to make an online version for those who are unable to attend our workshop but would love for their children to still benefit from the topic. We have prepared for you this extensive content which includes videos, quizzes, diagrams and more in order to engage with your child and give them something to work towards.

  • Imaam Abdul Waahid took part in delivering this workshop.

  • Dr Ahmad, a medical doctor by profession took part in delivering this growing up workshop.
Important Alert
As a parent, you may wish to view the course content first before showing it to your child to see whether it is appropriate for their age.  Every parent has their own standards and limitations of what they want their children to see. About 95% of this content deals with standard topics related to Islam, the mind, hormones and so on, but we have attempted to tackle some of the many social challenges we have to deal with in this modern age.

Sign up to this amazing workshop to educate our budding youth about how to navigate this journey their body is embarking upon, how to attain the ultimate treasure of worshipping Allaah upon clarity and determination, and how to make the right choices in life in maintaining that balance between their future and their religion.

Our Core Topics

Signs Of Puberty

We will touch upon the physical signs that indicate that a person has started puberty and is now religiously accountable for their actions. We will discuss what to look for, why it’s important and how does that impact upon their actions and responsibilities.

Responsibilities & Accountabilities

Within this course we will discuss the responsibilities we all have towards our parents, siblings, families, neighbours, authority and more. Integrated into the course will be short, inspirational videos on the aforementioned topics.

Hygiene & Fitrah 

At this point in the course, we will teach practical ways in which Muslims can and must keep clean. This will include how to properly use the bathroom and the serious nature of keeping clean and why we have to do it as Muslims.

Physical Changes

A very important part of our workshop will cover biological aspects of why and how our bodies change. We will educate your child on what to expect giving expert advice from a trained and practicing doctor.

How To Keep Ones Heart & Mind Clean

We will also be covering about the concept of ‘keeping ones mind clean’, how certain elements of our society can mentally harm us and pollute our minds and touch upon certain  topics that has become very common in our society, such as body image, television and social media, drugs and substance abuse, and various other things that can harm our vulnerable children.


We will cover the types of addictions from habitual to more serious types such as chemical. Addictions not only affect you physically, but mentally and socially on a high level. Addictions can lead to self-destruction and from an islamic point of view, it can lead to indulging in that which is impermissible.


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