Young Dragon’s Den


Join Our Youth's Dragons Den Project. In this activity your child will apply important numeracy creative writing skills and develop their own ideas and products.

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We all know the highly popular program called Dragons Den. It is an opportunity for people with great ideas to put them forward for investment and development. This is an opportunity for the individual to see how economically viable their ideas are, understand what they need to make it a success and open it up to public scrutiny.
This Young Dragons Den will take the child on a journey of that development. Starting from the very beginning of idea generation, product development, financial forecasting, producing the perfect ‘product pitch’ and how to address the perspective investor.

“Does It Fly? What problem does it fix? Can we make money?”Think Big - M Tucker

Part 1 – Literacy

Ice breaker

Outline of the main task:
Persuade Council to build a theme park on
Queen Elizabeth Park near Westfield.

Discussion: Persuasion – What is it? How can we use persuasive language?

– Main task: How can we persuade the council to build a theme park on the Queen Elizabeth Park site?

• Break

Write a draft letter to the council.

Public reading of letters
peer and Teacher feedback.

Part 2 – Numeracy

In pairs students will be given a mini business project to
plan – Running a stall/kiosk on the theme park selling
goods, eg. ice-cream, candy floss, cakes, healthy

In pairs work out the cost and profit of your chosen business project within a given budget. Word problems will be provided to help plan this.

• Break

Present ideas

Part 3 – Dragon’s Den

Introduction of activities.

Students to make any changes needed to their business plan using feedback from marked work.

Start presentation of persuasive letter and business plan in the Dragon’s Den

Join Our Dragons Den Activity

Class Timetable

Our science lab classes take place once a week at the following times.

  • Dates

    8th August

  • Times

    10:00am – 12:30pm

  • Requirements

    A Creative Mind, Pens and Pencils

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