Decorative Candle Making


Candle making is a great activity for children who are interested in the art of using different scents and wax materials to make a candle of their own choice. Children will learn the science behind making candles. Everyone has their ideal candle in mind, a child may think to themselves ‘I wonder if a bubblegum flavour candle or a multi scented and coloured candle exists’ , this gives them the chance to bring their creative imagination to life. Once a child has learnt the basics of candle making, they can go on to making candles of various shapes, forms, scents and colours .

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Join us this summer for our candle making activity. During this activity they will have to fulfil the following tasks.

  • Choose the item they want to make using wax
  • Choose the colours they wish to use in their model
  • Choose the scent they wish to have in their wax
  • Make moulds for their items for them to pour their melted coloured and scented wax into
  • Design a label for their wax items

This will expand your child’s creativity and will be able to take home their item they have made.

“Think It, Mold It, Burn It”Think Big - M Tucker

Join Our Candle Making Activity

Class Timetable

  • Dates

    13th August

  • Times

    1:00pm – 3:30pm

  • Requirements

    A creative and focused mind

  • Age

    From ages 7-16

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