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Coding club is a unique opportunity for your child to learn the basics to advanced level of coding. They will learn how to program anything from games to small applications.

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This coding club is aimed at teaching children the basics of computer history, computer programs and computer programming.  In the early 80‘s and 90‘s, there was a buzz in the air with everyone coding and producing useful programs and games, whether in their homes or in big corporations.  As computers became more advance, coding became more a specialists trade. But with the advent of small mobile phone and tablet apps, this buzz has returned and now the young and independent are coding once again.  And with the government making it now mandatory for schools to offer coding as part of their curriculum, the need for coding has grown even more.

“If they can think it, they can code it”Think Big - M Tucker

Coding Curriculum

This course introduces the student to the world of computing, teaching them what ‘to compute’ really means, both historically and in terms of modern applications.
This module concludes with an optional trip to a museum dedicated to computers and computing.

After understanding what computing is, the student will progress to making 12 games & programs. They will learn such concepts as:
•Loops & Conditional Loops
•Variables, Sprites and program resources
•X & Y co-ordinates
•Basic animation & Cloaning

After learning the basics of computer programming, each student will be given three project programs and games to develop over 10 weeks. These projects will draw upon their knowledge in implementing their ideas, and will give them the opportunity to be creative and innovative.

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Class – Dates & Times

We have two separate classes, one for first year students and one for second year students.

Registration Deadline

All registration must be made by

13th September 2017


Term Dates 2017/18

  • Autumn Term

    13 Weeks: 11th Sep to 20th Dec – Holiday: Half Term 23rd – 29th Oct

  • Spring Term

    12 Weeks: 3rd Jan to 1st Apr – Holiday: Half Term 12th to 18th Feb

  • Summer Term

    6 Weeks: 16th Apr to 22nd May

Times & Classes

Monthly Direct Debit


Per Month for 8 months
  • Every Thursday
  • 5:45pm-6:45pm
  • 14th Sep 2017 to 24 May 2018

Single Payment


For Year for 30 week course
  • Every Thursday
  • 5:45pm-6:45pm
  • 14th Sep 2017 to 24 May 2018
Course Subjects

Below are a list of subjects we will cover during this 30 week course.

  1. Design an advertisement
  2. Poster for a funday
  3. Shape poem
  4. Favourite animal description
  5. Comprehension
  6. Character description
  7. Setting description
  8. Whole class story plan writing
  9. Whole class story writing from plan
  10. Whole class story writing from plan
  11. Acrostic poem
  12. Comprehension
  13. Reading Playscripts
  14. Reading Playscripts
  15. Whole class planning a Playscript
  16. Whole class writing a Playscript from a plan
  17. Comprehension
  18. Poetry
  19. Looking at persuasive arguments
  20. Writing a whole class persuasive argument
  21. Reading informal letters
  22. Informal letter writing – whole class
  23. Poetry
  24. Comprehension
  25. Reading non-fiction reports
  26. Planning a non-fiction report
  27. Writing a non-fiction report
  28. Final draft of report
  29. Comprehension
  30. Poetry