Aeroplanes And Aerodynamics


Learn how to make a plane, balance the centre of gravity, form the Dihedrals, design the wings, and much more. During this activity, each child will learn what makes a plane fly, how a plane creates lift and stabilises its flight. We will cover both the theory and the practical nature of flight.

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During this summer holiday activity, each child will have the opportunity to learn the brief history of flight, understand what makes a plane fly and then will apply that knowledge in order to make their own planes fly. We will be using various materials such as card board, wood, rubber bands and more in order for them to make their own unique and personalised plane

“Does It Fly? Can It Fly? It Must Fly”Think Big - M Tucker

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Class Timetable

  • Dates

    29th August

  • Times

    10:00am – 12:30pm

  • Requirements

    A Creative Mind, A Will To Build

  • Age

    From ages 7-16

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