3D Printing, Electronic & Robotics Club


Our unique 3D Modelling and Printing club will have your child designing and printing off their unique 3D designs. They will learn about how to put together various shapes, and mesh them together in order to put their imagination into the real world.



If your child has an interest in engineering, 3D Models, robotics or just loves the idea of being creative and making things with his hands, then this is the activity for them.

In this 3D Modelling activity  your child will learn about how 3D Modelling works and will have the opportuinty to have their ideas modelled and printed using 3D polygons and shapes.

This is a great and unique opportunity to take part in this new technology and develop your childs creative imagination.

“If they can think it, they can print it”Think Big - M Tucker

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Dates & Time

  • Dates

    Sunday starting 7th February 2021 to 25th of July 2021

  • Times

    2:30 pm – 4:30 pm

  • Requirements

    A Creative Mind, USB Flash Drive

  • Age group


  • Duration

    20 Weeks

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