Assalaamu alaikum

We would like to remind you of our new payment plan for our madrassah. In order to make paying fees easier we have enabled payment by direct debit over the period of your child’s study. So for what ever course your child signs up for the fees will be spread over monthly payments.

New Prices

The new costs for madrasah are as follows:

  • Alif & Daal class: £150 or £40 per month (for 12 months Direct Debit)
  • Baa class: £110 or £30 per month (for 12 months Direct Debit)
  • Jeem class: £155 or £45 per month (for 12 months Direct Debit)

As you are already existing customers then we have frozen the costs at the old prices but this is only if payment is made on or before the first day of madrasah. Our previous costs were:

  • Alif & Daal class: £140
  • Baa class: £100
  • Jeem class: £145

Discount Period E nding Sunday (Extension)

We have extended the additional early bird discount until Sunday 9th April 2017. So if you wish to be eligible for the additional discount on fees then please let us know and have payment made to us by 23:59 Sunday 9th April 2017. You can do this by direct bank transfer (please contact us for bank details) or pay by cash at the centre. But please give us a call before you come to confirm our attendance. The discounted fees are as follows:

  • Alif & Daal class: £130
  • Baa class: £90
  • Jeem class: £135

New Payment Options

It is very important for all parents to understand that we now have only two methods of payment.

Alif Class


Per TermMon, Wed, Fri – 4:00pm-5:30pm

Baa Class


Per TermTue, Thur – 4:00pm-5:30pm

Daal Class


Per TermMon, Wed, Fri – 5:30pm-7:00pm

Jeem Class


Per TermSaturday – 11:00am-3:00pm

The above fees need to be paid either before or on the first day of Madrasah, either in cash or direct bank transfer. Please contact us for bank details.

Our decision to limit the payment options to the two above was due to the continuous cash flow concerns. So please understand that we did all we could to make the payment of fees easier for everyone.

New Term Dates & Holidays

The Summer Term dates are as follows:

12 Weeks

17th Apr to 29th Jul


  • Total of 3 weeks off.
  • Half Term 29th May to 4th Jun (1 week)
  • Last 10 Nights & Eid Fri 16th Jun to Thur 29th Jun (2 weeks)