KoD Madrasah

KoD Madrasah is a unique madrasah that combines between attending lessons and classes on-site and online lessons where the child can further their education at home. Each madrasah pupil will have access to our online lessons where they can learn about letters, how to pronounce them properly, manners and Islamic etiquettes, du’aas, Allaah’s Names and so much more. They will be able to earn achievement points and printable certificates for the modules they complete.

Our Madrasah has small teacher student ratios of only 10 students per teacher, and all course materials are inclusive (one free book per term).

Watch our video about our unique curriculum
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Onsite Madrasah

Select one of our Madrasah classes. We have two main types of Madrasah: weekday classes, which are either 2 or 3 days a week, and our weekend class, which is every Saturday and includes Arabic and Islamic Studies.

Study Materials

We have create our own books that are now available for purchase

Online Madrasah

If you are unable to attend our madrasah but wish to take part in learning how to read the Qur’aan online then sign up to one of our many modules below.