They asked me about Islaam

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They asked me about Islaam


Purpose of lecture

Often our children are confronted with the situation where their friends or people around them ask them about Islam or why they are Muslim. This is a perfect opportunity to educate those around them about Islam and to call them to it. But often our children don't know how to answer and are even unprepared for the question. This workshop seeks to solve this dilemma by given them the necessary tools to know for themselves why they are Muslim.


Each student will gain the ability to:

  1. Explain to their friends the purpose of life.
  2. Explain to their friends what is Islamic monotheism.
  3. Demonstrate to their friends how Islam gives us practical acts worship with real life benefits.
  4. Show how Allaah gives us a blue print on how to live
  5. Show how Allaah also gave us a means to follow this blue print.

Go through the lessons below to study about each topic.