The Qur’aan, The Final Revalation

Mudeer Tucker

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Date of Delivery

September 28th, 2019

Purpose of lecture

What is the Qur’aan, what is its purpose for mankind, is it the source of guidance for everything? This discussion will discuss the primary revelation of Islam. It will give each participant the firm foundation for all later topics and discussion.


  1. Clearly define what the Qur’aan is.
  2. Know what is its purpose for the Ummah and individual.
  3. Be able to understand how Muslims are supposed to use it for their own guidance.

Materials used to prepare this workshop

  1. Tafseer Foundations - Muhammad ibn Saalih al-Uthaimeen.
  2. Research into the science of the Qur’aan - Mannaa’ al-Qahtaan.
  3. The introduction into studying the Qur’aan - Muhammad Abu Shahbah.

Actions and Activities

Activities include open discussions on the Qur’aan, recitation of certain verses, small local discussions on certain subtopics and question.


Mu'aawiyah Tucker