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This is the first part of a four-part series aimed at teaching the basics of Tajweed and the Arabic language. This series is split into four sections in accordance to the following:

  • The correct pronunciation of letters
  • Putting the letters together in writing
  • Similarities and differences between letters 
  • Putting words together in sentences, developing the student’s accuracy and fluency in reading.
  • Lessons pertaining to the names of Allah, manners, and du’aas.

Upon completing the 4 levels the student will, in shaa Allah, be able to read and write with fluency and accuracy, and will be prepared to embark upon learning how to speak and understand the Arabic language.

This is Level One and in this level we will be learning about the Arabic letters, how they are pronounced, where they are pronounced from, the attributes of each letters and how to write them.

We have also included basic Islamic studies lessons on Allah's names, Islamic manners, and a selection of du'aas to benefit them not only in learning to read Qur'an but also in their other daily affairs.

Go through the course content below to study each lesson. Make sure to complete all the topics and quizzes in each lesson before moving on to the next one.

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