Mummy! Can I play some games?

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Mummy! Can I play some games?


Purpose of lecture

In this session we will discuss whether a child can waste their time playing games, socialising and involving themselves in various forms of entertainment. The answer may surprise you. We will also explore the fact that many of the entertainment aspects of society are deliberately made to be adictive. How do they create this ‘Hook’.


Each student will gain the ability to:

    1. Identify natural normal human inclinations to the novel and new.
    2. Choose entertainment that has multiple goals or goals that are righteous as well as entertaining.
    3. Know the limits one should place on themselves and how to manage ones time.
    4. Recognise addictive personality traits and addictive activities.
    5. Recognise a ‘Hook’ when they see it.

Go through the lessons below to study about each topic.