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Navigating through life in College and University

We will be holding a monthly gathering with the youth for the purpose of giving them a firm religious foundation as they prepare to study at college and university. This is a 3 year program, and at the end of it, they should have all the tools necessary to deal with the doubts many Muslims face in full time education.

As many of our children are bombarded with foreign ideas and ideologies, therefore they might find it difficult to navigate this new world they are entering into. Topics such as, Qur’aan preservation, Islamophia, modesty while studying, knife crimes, LGBT rights, Darwinian evolution,  illegal and legal drugs, and much more will be discussed from an islamic perspective led by qualified lecturers on Islam.

College and University

College and University

into College and university

College and University

The world is larger than they are, their lecturers are smarter than they think, naturally there are more doubts out there then they are prepared for.

discussing about College and University

These monthly sessions will be open discussions where your child will be able to speak freely, ask questions, and learn about the fundamentals of the religion. We will also attempt to build this foundation with established Islamic principles as taught by the scholars of Islam, principles that give them direction at the time of need.

This program will prepare your child for college and university
Running the last Saturday of every month from 3PM - 6PM.

This is a free event, but charitable donations will be much appreciated in order to fund this amazing program and future activities and events. Anything as little as £3 would go a long way to producing materials, delivering content in order to helping the wider community. Moreover, this will count on your scale of good deeds on the day of judgement.

However, registration is a requirement to attend as spaces are limited. Priority will be given to those who attend over those who don't.

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Creating Brotherhood and Sisterhood

There will be free food and social activities before and after each session to help bonding and to create brotherhood and sisterhood between participants.
person giving food to another person
boys sitting listening to teacherboys sitting listening to teacher
College and University programmeCollege and University programme
2 boys playing ping pong
College and University programmeCollege and University programme
College and University programmeCollege and University programme
boys listening to teacherCollege and University programme
2 boys playing ping pong
boys looking at presentation screen
boys looking at presentation screen
boys looking at presentation screen
College and University programme
College and University programme
College and University programme
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Preparing your child for the future, giving them a firm grounding in the religion is essential and extremely important.
- Concerned Parent


Preparing your child for the future, giving them a firm grounding in the religion is essential and extremely important.
- Concerned Parent


Preparing your child for the future, giving them a firm grounding in the religion is essential and extremely important.
- Concerned Parent

About the Lecturers

Shaykh Mu'aawiyah Tucker

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Special guest speaker

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About the Lecturers

Shaykh Mu'aawiyah Tucker

A revert to Islam of over 20 years and a graduate from the Islamic University of Madeenah 2008, from the faculty of Islamic law. Mu'aawiyah Tucker has been active in Teaching and Dawah for over a decade, and has had extensive experience educating and mentoring the youth. Furthermore, he has authored educational material and has been active in delivering lectures, khutbah's and classes teaching a variety of subjects from Usool al Fiqh, Usool at Tafseer, to the Arabic language.

Additionally, he specialises in fundamental sciences that determines how information is extracted from Islamic sources and how it can be applied. This is referred to in Islam as Usool al Fiqh.

Mu'aawiyah Tucker

Special guest speaker

Shaykh AbdulWahid Stephenson

With over 15 years teaching experience and has studied Islamic Jurisprudence at the prestigious Islamic University of Madinah, Saudi Arabia, graduating 2008. He is the founder of Madinah College and Insight into Islam. He has also given a number of talks on a variety of islamic topics at top Universities in London.

Shaykh Abdul Waahid has also authored books on Islam and translations of works, along with working with the youth in the Madina College Madrasah.

Abdul Waahid Stephenson

Special guest speaker


For over 20 years and counting, Abu-Tayeb has been actively involved in multiple projects ranging from youth work, out reach, feeding the elderly and the poor. As well as educating non-Muslims and Muslims about Islam.  Moreover, he delivers lectures at universities and much more. He is the founder of the Islamic Diversity Centre in Newcastle which has been running for a number of years.

He has also been involved in the HYPE projects which has been providing many avenues for the youth to get support, find friends and mentors and develop in their Islam, and works closely with iera on many of their projects.


Special guest speaker

Imran Mansor

Imran Mansur, also known as 'Dawah Man' from his YouTube persona, has been active in Dawah for a great number of years. He has been active in reliving Islam to the youth, where his primary focus has been, and he has provided avenues for the youth to return to the Masjid and to Islam. He has actively targeted social media outlets as his primary platform platform for the purpose of education, along with delivering inspirational lectures and talks at a variety of different Masjid's across the UK.
Dawah Man

Prepare your child for the world with education and study

Workshop Fees

We have a special option for those who wish to attend the workshop for free.


You can voluntarily donate towards al-Madaar Charity to fund further projects

Snacks and drinks will be available with each session. There will also be social activities for the youth

Workshop material, booklets and homework are all included, of course

Reserve Seat


What is required of you for this workshop

All session coloured black must be attended for each year block

Beyond the black courses, we kindly ask that you make as much effort to attend all workshops in order to gain maximum benefit

Full regular participation and attendance will give you and your child extra benefits to other activities we will be running in the future.

Reserve Seat

Support us

For anyone who wishes to support this project or others, you can help us with voluntary contributions. The following will be given extra as a thank you.

Discounts to outdoor activities

Free KeenOnDeen material

Free access to additional online material with workshop recording

Reserve Seat

For any questions, don't hesitate to contact us!

Below are the topics which will be covered throughout the year.

Click on each topics for more details.
There are mandatory sessions to be attended per year which all the participants need to attend in order to take full benefit from the whole program. These sessions are highlighted in Yellow. Failure to attend these will result in the participants being hindered from participation in other workshops.

Session Schedule

Each session will be 3 hours long and will be divided in the following manner.

play sessions

Time & Dates

Our workshop is a 3 year program,
Monthly Attendance
Taking place the last Saturday of every month, 3:00pm-6:00pm

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preparing for College and University

More inforamtion.

Answers to some frequently asked questions.

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