The Sunnah

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Sunnah – The second source of IslaamPurpose of lectureWhat is the Sunnah, what is its purpose for mankind, is it … Read More

They asked me about Islaam

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They asked me about IslaamPurpose of lectureOften our children are confronted with the situation where their friends or people around them … Read More

Oneness of Allaah

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Oneness of AllaahPurpose of lectureTo learn about the 3 principles of monotheism in Islam and how to identify how other … Read More

Who is our Creator?

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Who is our Creator Allaah?Purpose of lectureAwaken the participants on how to know who Allah is through His names and … Read More

Mummy! Can I play some games?

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Mummy! Can I play some games?Purpose of lectureIn this session we will discuss whether a child can waste their time … Read More

The Qur’aan, The Final Revalation

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Qur’aan – The Final RevelationPurpose of lectureWhat is the Qur’aan, what is its purpose for mankind, is it the source … Read More

College and university Preparation

Intro into the world, Navigating through life in college and university poster

Intro into the Worldpreparing for College and University College and university discussion sub heading College and university Seo sub heading College and … Read More