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Building the Foundation

With our unique curriculumn, we purposefully wrote and published our own foundation books teaching how to read the letters with the rules of tajweed. We also integrated into it Islamic lessons related to the names of Allaah, important Islamic manners and ettiquettes and du'aas.

Videos describing the topics of each book

Level 1 Book

This is the first part of a four-part series aimed at teaching the basics of Tajweed and the Arabic language.

Level 2 Book

This is the second part of the ‘Building Foundation’series. Level 2 focuses on other features of Arabic language. It continues to build on the previously acquire knowledge of Allah’s name, Islamic manners and du’aas.

Level 3 Book

This is the third part of the four-part ‘Building Foundations’ series. Level three focusses on the similarities and difference between the letters. Students will also learn to put words together in sentences, developing the student’s accuracy and fluency in reading.

Level 4 Book

This is the fourth part of the four-part ‘Building Foundations’ series. This last level focusses on the Tajweed rules which students will be observing the correct pronunciation of every letter with the rulings and characteristics which apply to it.
This book will cover the rules relates to Ghunnah, Noon Saakinah and Tanween, Meem Saakinah, types of Idhghaam, and Madd.


group of people hikinggroup of people hiking
Scenery of seven sisters cliffScenery of seven sisters cliff
Scenery of seven sisters beach
group of girls holding poster they made together
girl surrounded by lights
girl punching the ground and other girls jumping
2 girls showing the beautiful flower pins
girls in group beading jewelry
David Lloyd George Satue
Big Ben
3 girls looking at underground stations maps
girl standing on a ledge waiting to go on zip wire
group of people sitting
group of people listening to instructions
Boy on a zip wire
Girl Skateboarding
Girl Skateboarding
boys playing laser tag
Boys skateboarding on a hill
Boys skateboarding on a hill
group of kids holding laser tag gun posing
people on 3G swing
boy climbing equilibrium tower
2 people sitting on 3g swing
group of boys smiling
group of girls posing for photo
Storyboard the children drew
children making poses to tell the story
Making stop motion person
girl using video program
Taking picture of their character
Stamp collections and books on the table
person talking to children about stamps
group of people looking at map
group of people looking at map
boy climbing on to step towers
Boys climbing on the walls
boy standing on top of climbing tower
Boys climbing on the walls
star constellations on the ceiling
girl reading book
times for daily prayer poster
group of students holding up posters they drew
henna on the hand
boxing event with champion belt
girl melting wax in a pot
girl holding t-shirt
assembled paper plane
assembled paper plane
boy choosing coins
sorting 20p coin
jewelries and pins on table
kids playing in playground
girl getting henna applied on her hand
stalls selling clothes and group of people
Chocolate fountain and sweets
kids selling and buying sweets
writing of scene 5 take 1 on whiteboard
children acting
kid pouring flour into the bowl
kids painting on wooden box
boys sitting in a hall
kids playing ping pong
kid holding bow and arrow aiming
boys working on computers
girl pouring melted candle into cup
girl beading bracelet
glowing colourful lights
sewing and decorating supplies
red juice in bottles
boy punching boxing pad
boys and teacher making boxing move

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