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We are a team of dedicated mentors geared toward giving the next generation a head start in life. Our vision when we began with Keen On Deen was to provide a platform where our youth could grow as Muslims, seek help when needed and form meaningful bonds with other fellow Muslims as they grow older.  Its these bonds that we feel will ultimately shape their world view as they enter into adulthood, and its by the permission of Allaah that we will be able to help those whom Allaah has directed to us.

What We Do

  • Youth Support
  • Character Building
  • Islamic Tarbiyah (Cultivation)
  • Halal Environment
  • Healthy Social Bonding
  • Group Charitable Acts
  • Academic Development Opportunities
  • Mentoring & Counselling Services
  • Creative Expression Sessions 

Keen On Deen at the Hub 

The Islamic center, markaz al Madaar, will be the base location of the Keen on Deen initiative.  Here is where we will be holding our half term teaster activity and further weekly activities.

Markaz al Madaar, which translates to ‘the Hub Centre’ was established to be an Islamic Educational center by Arabic Courses in Leyton, London.  Weekly Arabic classes, after Fajr and after school Hifth classes and much more takes place here and now ‘Keen on Deen’.

Markaz al Madaar was set up to address the need for a more professional Islamic centre to cater for the various needs of our community.  We even have on site a coffee shop, called ‘Fresh Artisan‘ where we specialise in freshly made unfrozen juices and professionally made hot drinks.  We also provide cakes, sandwiches and other warm foods.